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Company's Quality Assurance Policy

OJSC “Saratovneftegeophysica” aims to combine all the multistage production phases into one integrated production process — from engineering of geophysical works to getting geological results. For that purpose the Company established a Quality Control System which has been successfully functioning.

Driven by the internal standards and the challenges the Company faces in the geological activities, the Company's Quality Control Division assures a strict execution of any project through all the production phases.

At the engineering stage any proposed techniques, technologies, parameters, procedures and scope of geophysical investigations are scrutinized to find out if they are appropriate to attain the geological objectives in particular seismological conditions.

OJSC “Saratovneftegeophysica” conducts field works with the help of quality control team and geophysical equipment. Normally, in an investigated field computer facilities are installed to facilitate quick processing of obtained data and analyze a progress of the works and the information value of obtained data.

The following operations are carried out in the course of the field works:

  • control over topographical works for compliance with established tolerable limits, control over the hardware and conformance to a particular technology;
  • control over hardware and equipment of the field party;
  • monitoring of the condition and operation of seismic sources;
  • check-up of receiving pattern arrangement;
  • optimization of spread parameters during the field works;
  • processing of initial data.

At the stages of data processing and interpretation a lead geophysicist of the quality control team continues to supervise the project keeping track of the accuracy and correctness of the procedures envisaged in the technical assignment. They  also issue comments on any changes in the kinematic and dynamic properties of both the initial and processed data in correlation to the information obtained in the course of the field works. Such an approach helps to eliminate an information gap between the field and office studies and distinguish abnormalities linked to superficial and subsurface seismic conditions from such factors as forced replacements of selected technologies, increased noise background, shortcomings in the spread, non-optimality of applied parameters or procedures during the data processing and so forth.

In that way JSC “Saratovneftegeophysica”, in contrast to other companies that apply the principle of dividing the production phases into independent processes, manages to avoid information losses through the whole string — from obtaining initial data to presentation of results of geophysical investigations.

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