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Some examples of using pre-stack migration for material from Pre-Caspian Depression

Some examples of using pre-stack migration for 2D and 3D seismic prospecting data from two areas within the Saratov part of the Pre-Caspian Depression are represented here. Migration efficiency acquired from Kirchhoffs integral algorithm has been compared with the same based on solving the wave equation. The use of migration based on the wave equation has shown better quality results in intervals of geological sections known for the problems of raypath calculating during obtaining the migration from Kirchhoffs algorithm.

Testing of pre-stack migration algorithm
A — initial time-section; B — velocity-depth model; C — result of migration using Kirchhoff algorithm; D — result of migration using wave equation; E and F — enlarged fragments of C and D respectively.

Comparison of results after standard processing (A) and pre-stack migration in Geo-Depth software (B)

Effectiveness of 3D migration in time-zone
A — after stacking migrations in standard processing; B — pre-stack migration

Spectrum Vrms
A — X-line of initial seismic cube; B — Spectrum Vrms from initial seismograms; C — Spectrum Vrms from migrated seismogram

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