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Acquisition planning

Contemporary technology of field seismic operations execution is impossible without a stage of preliminary planning of survey. Acquisition planning allows accomplishing a number of tasks:

  • to determine optimal parameters of field spread for solving of assigned geological problems;
  • to estimate the scope of work adequately;
  • to plan skips and offsets of array station taking into consideration geometry and industrial framework in advance;
  • to monitor parameters compliance directly in the course of field works and to make on-site changes of the project.

In our company we use up-to-date МЕSА software system (Gгееn Моuntain, USA) for spread planning.

In accordance with recent seismic exploration technology and operating world standards JSC “Saratovneftegeofizika” gives continuous attention to acquisition quality control. This control is carried out at all stages of seismic works and it includes:

  • surveying quality control;
  • source excitation quality control;
  • array quality control;
  • control of data recording system, floor units and cables;
  • primary data control.

This control system allows early revealing and prompt elimination of low-quality elements of work at any stage of seismic monitoring. For execution of seismic works quality control field crews are equipped with field processing systems based on software products Seismic Processing Workshop (INPUT/OUTPUT) and FOCUS (Paradigm Geophysical).

Figures below show comparison of characteristics of shooting spreads suggested by the customer (left) and developed by JSC “Saratovneftegeophizika” (right).

Schematic of fold distribution at the first target horizon
Schematic of fold distribution at the first target horizon

Schematic of offset distribution for the first target horizon
Schematic of offset distribution for the first target horizon

Full fold schematic
Full fold schematic

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