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Field seismic works

Field seismic works are considered to be the most important stage in hydrocarbon exploration. We place high emphasis on acquisition geometry design and data quality. Highly professional staff and up-to-date equipment allowed us to achieve high efficiency of exploration work.

Field seismic works Field seismic works

At the moment our field work crews are equipped by:

  • some telemetry systems SN 408UL and SN 428 (Sersel, France) for 2D and 3D seismic works;
  • few telemetry systems INPUT/OUTPUT-4 for 2D and 3D seismic works;
  • few telemetry systems Progress-T2 (Russia) for 2D seismic works;
  • telemetry system Progress-L (Russia) for examination of low velocity layer;
  • geophones GS-20DX and SUPER 20DX-10S are used as receivers;
  • hydrophones like МР-25 are used for transition zone;
  • all crews have up-to-date geodesic equipment on the base of GPS differentional system (TRIMBLE 5700, USA) which enable to carry out surveying and to locate vibrators in real time with accuracy up to 0,3 m.

As excitation source our company uses non-explosive sources, recently we have:

  • several vibrators KZ-620 (China). Push force is more than 27 t. Electronic control system VIB PRO (Pelton Co, USA);
  • several vibrators SV 27/150К on the chassis of KamAZ-6350. The control system of Pelton Co., Inc.;
  • 3 vibrators SV-30/120 and 3 vibrators SV 27/150–362 with unique Crab-Steering Chassis (4×4) and automatic transmission. The control system of Pelton Co., Inc.;
  • several vibrators SV-10/180 with Geosvip (Vicont-002) electronic control system in Saratovneftegeofizika-Tadjikistan JSC;
  • 5 YENISEY-SEM-100 type pulse sources of seismic signals;
  • 2 YENISEY-KEM-2 type pulse sources of seismic signals.
Field seismic works

Seismic crews have autonomous life-support and satellite communication.

Every stage of work is supported with constant quality control in order to guarantee high productivity of work.

Geophysicists and specialists of Quality Control Department have experience to work in different geological and climate conditions from Volga region to East Siberia, from Central Asia to the North of Russia.

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