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Data processing and interpretation

The objective of seismic data processing in our company is maximum evaluation of useful information from field material. Using up-to-date equipment and software as well as monitoring of material quality at all stages of seismic work help us to achieve maximum efficiency in data processing.

OJSC “Saratovneftegeofizika” uses the most recent software of CGG (France), Paradigm, Landmark and Green Mountain Geophysics (USA). Recently we have licenses for:

  • Geocluster (CGG, France) — main system of data processing;
  • MilleniumX (Green Mountain Geophysics, USA) that is used for complicated structure in the uppermost of the section;
  • GeoDepth (Paradigm Geophysical, USA), Integral Plus (CGG, France)and GeoGraphix (Landmark, USA) for structural interpretation and dynamic analysis;
  • Probe and Vanguard (Paradigm Geophysical, USA) — for AVO-analysis and acoustic inversion;
  • Stratimagic and GeoLog (Paradigm Geophysical, USA) for seismofacial analysis, processing and interpretation of well-logging data.

Recently OJSC “Saratovneftegeofizika” possesses one of the most unique database of geophysical and geological data on European Russia and Central Asia republics Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Kyrgyzstan Republic. Comparison of different processing for analogous data. (left — processing of 1981; right — processing of 2006)

Our company may provide unique possibility to restore and involve in recent processing and interpretation various seismic data from old analogous and digital data mediums as well as scanning and following digitizing/processing of time section hardcopies.

Specialists of our company have extensive experience of data processing from various seismo-geological conditions: from zones of plate tectonic of European Russia to faulted areas in Central Asia and salt tectonic in Pre-Caspian Depression.

Saratov Region. Salt tectonic

Saratov Region. Salt tectonic

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