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Logging services

Logging services

Logging services are called upon to provide data on the following primary geological and technical parameters:

  • lithological stratification and correlation of sections;
  • discovery of hydrocarbon bearing layers and distinguishing of their parameters, which is necessary for reserve assessment and for field development planning;
  • geological and technological well drilling control;
  • study of technical well condition;
  • fields development control , etc…

We offer to our clients solutions to the following problems

Logging services
  • general geological tasks (stratification of the section, lithology specification, division of the strata into reservoirs and non-reservoirs);
  • quantitative assessment of reservoir properties (porosity ratio determination, clayiness, permeability, oil saturation);
  • field development control with wire line pressure-control equipment and also all ground-based hydrodynamic investigations;
  • productive formation perforation with explosives of a new type: КPМ-85, 95, 105 (charge weight 12–23 gram.; penetrating performance from 450 to 800 mm); PSК-52 for the work through tubing and under pressure drawdown (charge weight 12 gram.; penetrating performance 400–mm); ТPNКТ-73S for work in horizontal wells, disposable perforators КPО-89,102 (charge weight 12–28 gram.; penetrating performance 800–1000 mm);
  • acquisition of key-parameter data for a complex interpretation of production and exploration data.

The basis of efficient logging in JSC “Saratovneftegeofisika” is

  • our highly qualified personnel of field geologists, geophysicists with significant work experience in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries;
  • application of new equipment and technologies;
  • digital registering system BLICK-2 (Russia);
  • telemetry in logging devices;
  • up-to-date software for processing of well-logging data.
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