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Mud logging

Mud logging

Mud logging-geological and technological studies through measurement of parameters during well drilling. This includes: mechanical drilling parameters study, gas content of the drilling fluid, sludge and core study.

OJSC Saratovneftegeofizika has been working in this area since 1951 and it has developed work experience in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

The equipment used in mud logging is a computerized station of the new generation АМT-121 (АМT company, St.-Petersburg http://amt-s.spd.ru).

In the course of investigations we resolve the following geological and technological issues

  • lithologic-stratigraphical stratification of a section;
  • selection of reservoirs and assessment of their properties;
  • determination of oil-bearing or prospective beds in a section and provisional evaluation of their efficiency;
  • prevention of failures and complicacies during drilling operations;
  • optimization of drilling operating conditions and drilling bit run.

The use of geological-technological investigations contributes to a significant reduction of technological risks during borehole sinking and leads to a higher level of technological effectiveness of drilling operations.

Automatic analysis of the parameters during drilling allows to predict complications, and possible emergency situations.

One prevented emergency situation justifies the annual exploitation of the Geotechnical Study Station.

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